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About Sway

Sway offers rapid objective data to care for your athletes though a number of cognitive and balance testing on the mobile device you already own. Sway also has a COVID-19 Screening Tool to assist with returning back to school and sports.  

Sway Offers:

  • Balance Testing
  • Cognitive Testing
  • COVID-19 Screening Tool

Applications of Sway 

  • Remote Testing and COVID-19 Screening Tools
  • Sideline Evaluation
  • Targeting Treatment & Rehab
  • Consistent with Best Practices
  • Provides Object Data to Make Informed Clinical Decisions
  • From Baseline to Complete Recovery

Sway Offers On-Boarding, Product Training, CEUs for ATs: 

  • On-Boarding with Sway’s Customer Support Team
  • Full Library of Product Training Courses
  • Live Events throughout the Month 
  • Free Monthly CEUs for Athletic Trainers


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Featured Products

Balance testing has never been easier. No bulky force platforms, harnesses or guessing at errors. Sway provides the most accurate and validated mobile software for measuring postural stability all from the mobile device you or your athlete already have. Sway measures stability using the built-in motion sensors of any mobile device or tablet to quantify postural sway. While the device is pressed against the chest, a proprietary motion analysis algorithm calculates stability and provides an easy to understand value on a 100 point scale with 100 being completely stable and 0 being unstable.

The Sway System allows you to accurately assess cognitive function with quick and easy tests of visual processing, reaction time and memory. With Sway’s patented technology, you get a quick snap shot of key cognitive measures anywhere you want to test. Cognitive Tests include: Reaction Time, Inspection Time, Impulse Control, and Working Memory.

Click here: Sway Balance and Cognitive Testing to download the brochure.

The coronavirus pandemic has created tremendous challenges for getting back to school and sports while limiting virus exposure. Sway’s COVID-19 screening tool allows athletic trainers to schedule regular remote screenings for athletes to report their symptoms and temperature before coming on campus.

Click here: Sway’s COVID-19 Screening Tool to download the brochure.

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