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SMARTfit engages mental and physical functions utilizing the latest principles of recruitment to create enriched training environments for optimal neuro-vestibular rehabilitation interventions.

Dual task activities combined with visual tracking, gamification, and cognitive processing provide for the delivery of a variety of clinical programs designed to test, challenge, rehabilitate and deliver a full spectrum of Concussion care.

Developed by industry experts, SMARTfit programming can be used immediately as an effective tool in the Return to Play clinical matrix. SMARTfit improves retention, reduces report writing time and increases patient flow with its extensive library of training protocols (with how-to videos) that can be delivered at the tap of a finger.

SMARTfit promotes neuroplasticity by challenging the Concussion patient to visually track, cognitively process, react, respond and process feedback to mimic the multiplicity of tasks required in everyday life and sport performance.


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The SMARTfit Mini can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted or portable, and can be configured to interact with up to five Strike Pods. SMARTfit Mini on-frame and portable options incorporate the ability to move the station up and down as needed to suite the reach of players. The system can be permanently bolted to the floor or stabilized with weights. The portable option provides a pneumatic lift system that allows for raising the system off the floor for easy relocation.

Each SMARTfit system option includes the following, which are all controlled under the SMARTfit User Interface:

  • gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges
  • Neuropsychological Tests combined with a motor activity
  • Extensive Turnkey Programming for: Orthopedic, Neuro, Motor/Vestibular, and Brain Health
  • 10 Dual Task Cost Assessment and Training programs
  • 11 Neurophychological tests combined with motor control assessment
  • Easy customizable programming and reporting/exporting options

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