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At Iron Neck, we have always believed that providing people with a safe and effective approach to training their neck muscles with yield positive outcomes. For athletes looking to reduce concussion risk and whiplash forces, Iron Neck is an effective way to build neck strength and spine stability, safely and consistently.

In the modern era of technology, few people strengthen their neck to offset their forward head posture and weakening spine. We are driven to provide a solution that can actually make an impact in the health of our sports-loving, technology-addicted society. It all begins with a stronger, healthier neck.


Iron Neck Pro bundle (MSRP $600) – The Iron Neck Pro is our most popular model and combines the best features from the Starter and Varsity models, making it the ideal choice for rehabilitation, reducing injury risk, and strength training applications. 

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Iron Neck easily integrates into any at the gym, clinic or at home. Improve neck strength and spine stability to overcome poor posture, eliminate neck pain and reduce whiplash and concussive forces in athletes. Rotational friction can be introduced at varying levels across our three available models, Starter, Varsity and Pro.

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