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Established in 2011, FITLIGHT® products have been the leading edge in Visual, Cognitive and Dynamic training and testing from day one. Our products use state-of-the-art hardware and sofware to facilitate the improvement of users Visual Motor Reaction and Neuro-Cognitive skills. FITLIGHT Trainer™ allows for fully customizable protocols with data capture and cloud based analytics.

Challenges in sensory processing are common amongst individuals with cognitive related disorders. Training with light and sound stimuli offers stimulation to those with difficulties in sensory processing.

FITLIGHT Trainer™ provides a new, dynamic and visual learning framework to enhance sensory and motor skills, identification and focus, and reactivity.

It allows users to engage in functional and social learning by providing motivational exercises for the enhancement of mental capacity, perception, and concentration.

The data collected from the system gives tangible information that can be used to increase or decrease the exercise load, and also assist in determining the rate of recovery. This is all done under the control of the FITLIGHT Trainer™ program as defined by the therapist for the specific injury or condition being treated.

Prices on our most popular systems are as follow (USD):
4-light system:   $2,125.00* (Regular Price: $2,500.00)
8-light system:   $2,975.00* (Regular Price: $3,500.00)
12-light system: $3,825.00* (Regular Price: $4,500.00)

*All systems can expand to 32 lights. Each additional light is $250.00.  Each system comes with FITLIGHTs®, Tablet Controller, charging case, velcro accessories, FITLIGHT® Dashboard.


FITLIGHT® water bottle and key card (thumb drives)

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The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is designed for the use of any individual that seeks to improve attributes of human performance through dynamic training regimes.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ has several applications and can be used by individuals of all levels and developmental stages whereby they can experience a powerful training experience for a wide range of physical conditioning, reaction/response training, vision training and numerous other physical and cognitive skills training.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ utilizes a combination of patented hardware and software to rapidly drive the user’s development in all areas with tangible feedback for a personal fitness baseline.

Any user can easily monitor performance levels, customize training regimes and engage in the ongoing development and assessment of rehabilitation programs through the analysis of real-time data feedback.

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The FITLIGHT Trainer™ Dashboard is a user friendly, cloud-based platform allowing users to quickly and easily analyze their performance with intuitive data presentations. Data is securly uploaded after each saved session and accessible from any desktop or mobile device.


  • User Friendly Cloud Based Platform
  • Provides Immediate Performance Analysis
  • Intuitive Data Presentation
  • Printable and Exportable Data Analysis
  • Measure and Evaluate Your Progress
  • Access From Any Mobile Or Desktop Device
  • Safe, Secure Data Protection
  • Create, Edit and Customize an Individual

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