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We are the premier center for concussion treatment. Our focus is treating post-concussion syndrome or symptoms (PCS).

We have found that a significant percentage of people struggle with symptoms for months to years after a concussion.

The majority of our patients are searching for answers to their long-term symptoms with little to no success. This leaves individuals and families feeling hopeless with no clear direction or way to have a better quality of life after a concussion. 

However, much can be done to improve after an injury. Through research done at Cognitive FX, we have found effective ways to diagnose and treat post-concussion symptoms.

We use a form of advanced imaging, fNCI (functional Neuro Cognitive Imaging), that allows us to see the brain at work during certain tasks.

We then use these results to guide multi-modal treatment so that it is specific to what each individual patient needs.


Cognitive Fx Headstart Program ($2,000 Value)

The Headstart Program is designed to help patients without them having to leave the comfort of their own home. This program is comprised of similar appointments that one would get from attending Cognitive FX for treatment. These appointments are hosted by our trained therapists on a HIPPA Compliant video chat system. This program helps with symptom management and can be completed on its own or as a beginning step to help patients before they are able to attend our EPIC Treatment in clinic.

Featured Products

fNCI (functional Neuro Cognitive Imaging): fNCI is an advanced form of fMRI that has been standardized for clinical application. It is also the most comprehensive fMRI protocol for use with patients with traumatic brain injury. fNCI is used to measure how the brain is functioning while it is performing cognitive tasks.

Enhanced Performance In Cognition (EPIC) Treatment: In EPIC Treatment, a team of doctors, therapists, and trainers use each patient’s fNCI results to guide their individualized treatment. The fNCI arms the multi-disciplinary team with the knowledge of exactly which brain regions to target in therapies for each specific patient.

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