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About Bertec

Bertec designs and manufactures Balance Advantage systems, a full line of clinical systems for both assessment and treatment of balance problems. Bertec’s premier clinical balance assessment and rehabilitation solutions include balance plates, computerized dynamic posturography equipment, and vestibular ocular reflex assessment devices. 

Bertec’s products have represented a legacy of excellence in biomechanics for over thirty years. In addition to helping clinical teams serve the needs of patients with advanced solutions like dynamic posturography and immersive virtual reality, Bertec’s technology is used worldwide by professional sports organizations and leading academic research institutions.   

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Bertec is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer, and marketer of research-grade and clinical biomechanical equipment and software.

Used by athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other professionals working to understand the movement of the human body, Bertec’s tools help athletes and patients to meet their performance and rehabilitation goals.   


Bertec COBALT Kit

The COBALT Kit ($499 Value) provided by Bertec includes education, foam pad, wall chart, headlamp, measuring tape, and a laminated COBALT Excel Sheet and Error Card. The foam pad is standardized in both density and foot placement markers to increase reliability.

Featured Products

Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR) system is used to provide the gold standard in balance evaluation protocols to isolate and quantify impairments that contribute to a balance problem. The CDP system incorporates Immersive Virtual Reality in its distinctive dome, using computer-generated visual stimuli both for assessment and unique training environments.

Bertec’s Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR) combines immersive virtual reality with high-sensitivity dual-balance force plate capabilities. Developed in partnership with Dr. Lew Nashner (founder and former-president of Neurocom) to be the next generation of his pioneering work in dynamic posturography, the CDP/IVR replicates a visual environment in an immersive setting to enhance assessment and training of balance and mobility issues.

Bertec Vision Advantage (BVA) is designed to evaluate vision problems resulting from head movement that can complicate balance performance by identifying dysfunction in the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR) per the Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) Test. It measures the head velocity, axis, and direction where visual accuracy breaks down per the Gaze Stabilization Test (GST).

The Bertec Vision Advantage (BVA) is a wireless clinical assessment of the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR), which stabilizes our vision during head movements. Impairments of the VOR can result in movement-related dizziness and/or balance problems. The data also establishes an objective baseline, making it easier to monitor and document patient progress. 

Portable Essential is a simple, portable, and highly sensitive balance assessment solution suitable for any environment, including community outreach, satellite offices, and high-volume screening applications. The wide variety of additional rehab tools make this product part of a comprehensive solution that fits in any clinic. 

The Bertec Portable Essential provides a variety of assessments, including standard static balance tests, weight shifting, and optional higher-level balance testing for athletes (COBALT). Static balance and weight shifting activities can be easily integrated into a customized therapy program.


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