Join us for the 4th Annual 2020 Virtual Concussion Health Summit on September 21st – 25th!

On Monday, September 21st, Mark Lovell, PhD, ABN, FACPN and John Leddy, MD, FACSM, FACP will kick off the Summit with Historical Perspective on Concussion and Prescribing Aerobic Exercise for Sport-Related Concussion.

The first presentation each day begins at 11:00 am (CST) and is followed by a live 30 minute Q&A session at 12:00 pm. The second presentation each day will be aired at 1:00 pm followed by a 30 minute live Q&A session at 2:00 pm.

The 2020 Virtual Concussion Health Summit delivers a unique opportunity for you to connect with world-renowned experts in concussion management! We invite you to participate with us and connect with our expert faculty via live chat and Q&A sessions in real-time. Click here for a full list of speakers.

The 2020 Virtual Concussion Health Summit empowers you with direct access to world-renowned concussion experts to get immediate feedback for your most burning questions in concussion management.